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Protection And Victory Over Enemies.

When it comes to protection, spiritual protection shouldn’t be the only areas we focus on. Though some spiritual protection does manipulate this reality and render great service but it would be more worthy to do protection that’s base on physical plane too. Even this physical plane protection will have a role to play spiritually.

When talking about enemies I’m not referring to anything or anyone because anything, anyone can be your enemy. That’s why a good protection shouldn’t be directed at a target (like, I’m protecting myself against Mr X), no! It should be general.

Four, five years ago I used to ignore protection charms, spells, seals alot because I used to think I’m not a thug, I’m not a street boy, I don’t make trouble nor do I live a bad life, so why do I need protection! Not until I learnt that ‘if you can’t eat lion that doesn’t mean a lion can’t eat you’.

An Islamic cleric/scholar known as Alfa came to visit me today and explained how some police force well known as SARS shot him and because the gun didn’t affect him, they had to arrest him and locked him up. Now the interesting part of this is that this Alfa doesn’t use any thing protection at all. He is a public figure, he lives a very calm and sober life. But he prepared a charm that will render gun useless for some guys. The charm, in a powder form, remain some… so he took it with the mind of, “Don’t let it waste, let me use it”.

The following week, he was going by the road side and saw SARS harassing a young guy (as they usually do), calling the guy a fraud because he’s just 27 and he already own a car, he’s also using iPhone 11. So automatically Nigeria Police Force will call such young lad a fraudster. The Alfa had to step in and saved the guy. Then the police force had to rain bullet on this Alfa.

He said he was shocked. “Is that how I would die, John, if I didn’t use the charm that day?” He asked me. “I’ve never for once in life use those charms called ‘ayeta’ (like bullet proof), ‘okigo’ (you won’t get hurt by bottle), ‘okigbe’ (machete or cutlass won’t hurt you)…I see those using it as touts, thugs, trouble makers…but my thinking changed… I’m just thinking what if those boys didn’t remain that charm or what if after they left some I didn’t use it but threw it away? People would say that powerful Alfa died of gunshot, just one bullet; while there are street boys here who doesn’t care about gunshot, cultists who mock at bullets… But I would have die from a gunshot. Ah I will not forgive those police!” He explained.

Long story short, the police that shoot at him are three, two dead already; the last one opened up to his family members what they did, they have been begging Alfa to forgive him but he said No; the third police officer is very sick now…while Alfa was talking about all these I started to think, have I ever put such protection on my blog? I then jumped on my books, but many of the very potent spells, charms there have herbs whose name I don’t know in English. There is a seed here in Nigeria that we call “Cat’s eye”. I don’t think those outside Nigeria will get it easily. There is a leaf called ‘mafi-owo-kan-omo mi’, in English ‘do not touch my child’. I searched for it on Google, if I can get the English name but I couldn’t. But I finally found one that doesn’t need herbs.

The Protection Bathe.

From my book: Protection and Victory Over Enemies

Write the following words on a clean paper:

Geburatiel. Bimnan. Alimon. Anian. Uriel. Pniel. Michael. Arise you Princes in the sight of God, and advocates and supporters of the faithful of Israel. I pray thee, O holy Angels of mercy and love, for the sake of the Most High God, for the sake of your holy and pure name, deliver me, protect me and save me from all enemies, robbers, capricious, bandits, hinderers, persecutors, adversaries, and all types of arms and weapons that they may neither hurt nor affect me. Strike all those blind who wish to do evil to me, and place an encircling cloud around me, between me and my enemies. O great God, IHVH, send me an Angel who will accompany me on my journey and protect me in all places, day and night.

Burn this paper to ash, and mix the ash with soap. It’s a one time bath.

Get three rocks, wash them clean, place them inside the pail or bucket of the water for bath; the water to bath this soap must be warm.

After the whole preparation, go have a warm bath with the soap. If you have wife, husband or children, they can bathe it too. No problem at all.

If this protection would be made into a seal, it will require some herbs and animal skin. The animal skin would be used to seal the paper, not thread. But you must always carry the seal on you else it won’t work nor render any protection.

This protection bath doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fear gun or walk majestically into gun fight. No! Please, be wise.

There are certain protection that does require that, for example the Figure 23, 30 and 31 in the Book of Solomon requires you walk majestically into riot, or gun fights, if well prepared. In fact make trouble as much as you want, the Pentacle got your back. It doesn’t fail. But if there is an enemy there who knew you rely solely on a pentacle, and they take the Pentacle from you, even a single slap on the face could send you to hell. But as long as you have the seals on you, you’ll keep bossing around.

That’s it.

Questions are welcome.



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  1. Bello

    True talk :

    Thanks for the spell will put it to practice as soon as possible

  2. louisikce

    Luxi…you and nice post self. Lol
    Very interesting spell, I like the part of the two stones, I have heard of such before but I did not know about the warm bath. Thanks!

    Nice work as always!

  3. zeko

    herbs must should be crushed into ashes or raw herbs ..I ask Generally for all seals

    1. LuxFero

      It is not one way or one method for all. Some requires the herbs be burnt to ash while doesn’t.

      For example some seal only need roots of plants raw.

      Some seal involves animal parts; the figure 31 of Solomon Pentacles requires a chameleon tongue, live one.

      While another Pentacle requires an animal parts that been dried and made into powder.

      Such is the way.

      1. zeko

        where can I find all requires for seals of solomon and method to prepare them

  4. John Quartey

    LuxFero, after the bath what else do you do with the three stones. Also can you tell me what animal skin and what herb is needed to make the talisman.

    1. LuxFero

      The stones are not useful anymore.

      I don’t know the names of the herbs in English.

  5. jimmy

    lux fero how do i mix the ash with soap. do i just take the ash and put it on the soap?

    1. LuxFero

      No, there is a way to prepare soap. But if you don’t know it you should use soap solution/liquid soap.

  6. zeko

    please post: If you will divine about something, be it future, past or present or to dig into something hidden by method of mirror or crystal

    1. LuxFero

      I can’t do that. Divination isn’t something so simple. It needs coaching.

      It would be greatly abused. It’s an Art on its own.

  7. zeko

    I know very simple method from arabic book : SEPHER ADAM translated of sword of moses + some adds from arabic author >>>black mirror+ words of power +rose water=instant answers

  8. Nicolas

    Is it to bathe in warm or hot water???
    Take a bucket bath with warm water, stones and soap and then take a hot bath using only the soap???

    1. LuxFero

      A warm bath with the soap, with the three stones inside the water.

      1. Allyanz

        Please how about the incantations ,should we attach them?

  9. Ccinatti

    Hey Lux!
    When it comes to the rocks, does the size of the rocks matter?

    1. LuxFero

      Just small stones. Size doesn’t matter at all.

  10. Chloe

    can marijuana vape leave a lingering odor

    1. LuxFero

      I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand.

  11. Slyngaz

    Figure 23 sixth pentacle of jupiter can it protect from knifes and gunshots?

    1. LuxFero

      Oh no, figure 23 isn’t for something like that.

  12. James

    Lyx fero can the pentacles of jupiter be made in silver please i really want to know the answer?

    1. LuxFero

      I know that the metal that corresponds to Jupiter is Tin. Maybe there are ways of tweaking them and make them work of Silver, I have no idea.

  13. Slyngaz

    Oh if i may kindly ask what can it protect from? i ordered one a few days ago and seller said it protects from all earthly dangers knifes,bullets,accident etc.

    1. LuxFero

      Oh I’m not in position to give answer to that, if the seller says so, then maybe that’s it.

      But I’ve tested the stuff myself and I know it’s power and it’s limit. So I preach it differently.

  14. Aza

    Is this evil work?

    1. Lux Fero

      Oh no, it is not evil but protection.

  15. abdallah

    can I change ash to powder by needle ?

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