Punish Your Offenders, Abusers.


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To punish an offender or enemy through spiritual means, so their homes and life would become desolate and ruined:

It’s the process of some herbs mixed together; it will be shipped over after I recited the incantation upon it. So when you get it, you read the directions that comes with it. call on the enemy’s name and say all that you wish to befall them. Blow the powder in the air.

Lo! This powder must not blows back on you or touch you in any form else you’ll share from your enemy’s suffering. There are other medium used to punish offenders, you can pick after I hear your story.

I am Lux Fero, the Light of lights, the light which gives order! The preacher of peace. In life if you are too soft you’ll be squeezed and if you are too hard, you’ll be broken.

At times you don’t leave Vengeance for God, because you’ll continuously be trampled upon and lo, you’d be seen as a fool, a prey to sh*t on any time.

Put vengeance into your own hands at times and save yourself, restore your honor and courage else you’ll continuously be a slave and a play thing. Life is cruel and the meek in heart are seen as fool.

Be the fish that keeps running all its life or that shark that stands and hold its ground.

  1. There is also an operation, used to cause utter ruin and destruction. We look for a public dustbin, and pick a well ruined rag there, get snail, and the rest of the recipes…if such attack is thrown at a king, he would be ruined beyond recognition. It will only be in history that he was once a king – his life would become like that rag.


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