To Win A Court Case



It is just as it sounds! But it is a padlock.

You speak and explain into the padlock all about the case and what you wished the padlock to do and then lock it. Leave the key there and keep the padlock in a safe place. Wait for wonders to happen.

You may choose to delay the case or win it or anything so ever.

There is also padlock used to hold or stop rain. Padlock used to pin a vehicle from moving or starting and so much more. In fact, a certain padlock is used to send curse, some guys here in Nigeria used it on a lady who cheated on their friend and they cursed her to start bed wetting.

He acted like he forgave the lady and welcomed her back, so to monitor her and know when the curse will take effect. Within 7 days, she started bed wetting. And the usual happened, she was taken to hospital by her family. As if medical can cure that!

Such padlock is used to punish offenders. They cheated you or hurt you and thought their father is rich, you can do nothing? Well, we have something their father money can’t cure except they meet a true spiritualist who will erase the curse.


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