Love Seal But Also A Curse


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To restore a broken marriage, even if she leaves out of anger, to make sure no man accepts her and her heart to always come back to you. Oooh even if she is already with another man…

Something is happening this days, after labouring for a lady or guy, you’ve suffered a lot for them then they’d just wash off. Some would say, “God has really used you for me”. God? For real? So he or she laboured in vain? Is he gonna get married to God or God will marry her?

This Seal is to restore love and it’s also a curse. How?

This seal is just a rare leaf, only one. It would be wrapped with a white thread. You’d talk to it, defecate on it and bury it. It will do wonders. But the leaf is very rare, it only grows in raining season.

People! The incantation to say on this Seal is something like:

Whenever men defecate they don’t look back or come back to pack and embrace their feaces. Therefore starting from this moment onward (name of betrayed lover) should be seen as feaces, dirts, defecation by every person they meet, be it a lawyer, a doctor, a mechanic, the rich and the poor, half wit and dumb, etc they should always dump her for me, they should only be able to marry her if only men would defecate and come back to hug their feaces.

From this incantation, you already have an idea of what I’m saying. So if you meant to torture her, whenever she comes back to you, you should also turn her down. She would go, maybe meet another man, after few rounds with her, he would also dump her, she would come back to you, you’d turn her down again, she would leave. Meet another man, who will share bed with her only and send her away or beat her and kick her out. She would come back, crying more, begging you to take her back. Turn ger down again… that’s the curse. Every guy she meets would only touch her and move on and she would keep coming back.

Lo! Yes, you’re free to have your time on her too, and still send her out. She will leave and come back. She will always come back. So the Seal is more like Love and Curse.

The love part is making her come back and the curse part is torturing her by not taking her back and no man would want her. But if she is someone you don’t want to see hurt, you really want your lover back, not to punish her, the instant she comes back to you, please, take her back.


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