Iṣẹ Accident – Protection Against Car Accident



There are different types of protection against car accident.

There is:

  1. It will start giving you warning even before you leave home if it’s your car, if it’s a taxi or any other commercial vehicle, the instant you are about to approach the vehicle or if you lay hand on the vehicle, it will start giving you warning. To let you know that there is danger.

  2. The accident will happen but you will not be touched. It will look like you weren’t part of those in the vehicle.

  3. By the time the accident will take place you would be gone, you’ll instantly be taken outside the vehicle and be in a safe place. (If you have wife or kids or husband in the vehicle, they will perish except they have this spell on them too, because it will only save you).

And so much more.

Well, the safest part is to have it all. So let’s say they lock away the one to alarm you that there will be an accident, the rest will save you.

Many Nigerians here do this thing, especially those hiding under religion, and they would say, “It’s the holy spirit or it’s Jesus who saved me”.

Me: So the rest of your colleagues who perished and sustained injury in that accident are enemies of Jesus or why did he choose to save only you?


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