Fight Your Offenders, Bring Them Shame – Ring


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These rings are of different types:

  1. When you wear the ring to hit an offender, they will fall to the ground and only after drinking a pregnant woman’s urine would they rise back up.

  2. When they get touched or beaten once by the ring, they rise and start looking for woods, planks. He or she would start gathering lots of as if you are in the wild, and need to roast a boar.

  3. This particular ring is called “Anasare”. When you hit someone with it, they will run many miles before their senses return. A friend of mine have used this on a police officer around 2013, not intentionally though. He wanted to pat the police man shoulder, he forgot he has worn the ring…the office started running and his colleagues didn’t understand but we knew what was happening, we had to go off quietly.

  4. A ring if used to hit a person they would instantly poo on themselves. It’s not something that would be under control. Hit them with the hand wearing the ring, and poof, it will happen.

Remember I said these rings are used to shame abusers, offenders. There are more rings…

I also have an antidote, it’s a soap, so if anyone use any of these rings or charms on you, it won’t work.


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