Ọṣẹ Anu, Ifẹran – Attraction; To Be Loved By Men And Women



We bathe this soap daily to find favor among men. It will make you be loved by men and women. In fact, at times it will bring you someone who is rich, who will stay as a friend or a fling relationship or a date, all you should be after is how to benefits from them, except the relationship is what you want.

The Soap would be in a white plastic, it’s mixture of a character with some leaves and very little soap.

There is another of it who works wonders too, it’s made with black soap, and at times white soap. It’s to gain favor, be agreeable among men and women. They would show care and love.

Even if you don’t have a job yet or searching for one, this soap will serve as a booster. It will open business opportunities for you.

This soap aid those who works in store.


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