Seal To Lock A Stingy Rich Partner


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To lock a man or woman so they will always love you with their money: The term lock mean to tie them to yourself (especially if he or she is selfish, doesn’t spend on you), at times the spell would be so strong that the lady wouldn’t want to see another man’s manhood but yours. If a man, every other girls would look beautiful but not enough, you’re the only true beauty he would be seeing.

This is a different form of seal or spell.

There is one of Bead. Ring. And Powder.

The bead and ring is to be worn; ring on the hand and bead on the waist. If you engaged in sexual activity with your partner while wearing any of this consecrated items, it’s game on.

For the Powder, strictly for Ladies: I shall prepare the powder here and ship to you. When you get the powder, you need to get a small blade and make a very little short mark on your nipples or below it. Wait till there is traces of blood, then apply the powder to that spot. Wait for 48 hours before you wash those areas with water or bathe.

During romance, if the guy or man or sugar daddy put any of the nipples in his mouth and suck, it is game on.
It will feel different, he would love you deeply and start spending on you, even if he is selfish or stingy, he will pay you.


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