Ayẹta – Protection Against Gun or Machines of War.



There are different types and this product isn’t for one type of protection against weapons, nah!

I would ship at least three to the buyer. There is a powder of it. Soap of it. And a seal of it.

There is also one whereby, you’ll be naked and stand in a big bowl or water or a lake if you have one nearby, then you will use the powder. Hmm… I don’t want to reveal the secret behind it. But I would boldly say even those guns with red clothes can’t hurt you. If you don’t spoil this magical operation, a gun can never penetrate your skin, no! You’ll survive riot and war.

There is a particular one, a soap, you would bath it and while bathing you’ll see some seeds (part of the recipes) falling from the soap. Same way bullets will fall off when directed at you.

We used to test this stuffs on trees or animals before using it on ourselves. It’s tested and confirmed.


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